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Pastrana MX/RM LOW02-400702-2894800745620355180
Windham/RM MID02-400402-2892800997421953180
Factory Suzuki/KTM Stock02-400902-2896800926221747180
Woods HIGH02-400502-2895800976921161180
CR HIGH02-400602-2893800957120460180
YZ HIGH02-400802-2897800845620252180

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The EVO bar is Pro Taper’s top of the line bar without a crossbar. Oversize diameter handlebars,
without cross bars, were invented, and patented, by Pro Taper. This design allows the bar to flex
more and absorb impacts better than other bars. This offers the rider more comfort and less fatigue
without sacrificing bar strength. The EVO handlebar utilizes a computer profiled 4mm wall design
and is up to 25% lighter than other bars yet up to 45% stronger. Motocross Action magazine says
of the EVO bar: ”The amount of flex Pro Tapers provide takes the jolting edge off of rough tracks
and lessens hand fatigue.” and Transworld Motocross magazine says: “We don’t care what kind of
bike you ride, the EVO will improve the comfort.”

• Made from 4mm, proprietary, 7000 series aluminum alloy for superior tensile and yield strength
• Best balance between fatigue life, impact strength and impact absorbing flex
• High tech, stress relieved, shot peen and anodized finish for unmatched durability
• Independent lab tests show that the EVO handlebars outlast every other handlebar on the market in fatigue life
• Epoxy inner coating resists corrosion
• Left side knurling provides maximum grip traction
• Chemically applied cut lines and alignment grid are scratch and peel resistant
• End plugs help keep the elements out of the handlebar tubing and aid in longer grip life
• Weighs only 1.4 pounds (640 grams)
• Pad sold separately