4.3 Triple Clamps

* PRO TAPER highly recommends that you consult a certified motorcycle mechanic for proper installation procedures. PRO TAPER is not responsible for any product issues related to installation errors.

1. Remove front number plate.

2. Remove all bolt-on components from handlebar. i.e. (clutch perch, front brake assembly, kill switch, throttle assembly) Make note of cable routing prior to component removal.

3. Remove handlebar from existing clamp.

4. Remove front wheel and front fender.

5. Remove front brake caliper from fork leg.

6. Loosen fork tube clamp pinch bolts on OEM clamps and carefully remove forks.

7. Loosen and remove steering stem nut and washer, remove upper clamp.

8. Remove upper stem seal and bearing. Note: If not damaged or worn, these parts can be cleaned, regreased and re-installed.

9. Inspect and clean upper and lower bearing races in steering head.


10. Grease existing upper bearing and pre-installed lower bearing on the lower clamp using OEM specified grease.

11. Carefully install new lower clamp assembly into steering head. Make sure bearing and seal are fully seated into lower bearing race.

12. While holding lower clamp firmly into steering head, carefully re-install upper bearing and seal assembly. Install the OEM steering stem washer and spanner nut. Tighten to OEM specifications.

13. On the new upper clamp, install the bar mounts into the desired mounting holes in the top clamp. Only tighten the supplied nut finger tight (this nut will be torqued at a later step).

14. Install top clamp onto steering stem making sure it is fully seated.

15. Install the OEM steering stem washer and nut and hand tighten (this nut will be torqued at a later step).

16. Re-install forks into new clamp assembly. Pay special attention to cable routing to make sure they are not behind fork tubes.

17. Tighten the lower fork tube pinch bolts to OEM specs only (the top pinch bolts will be torqued after steering stem bolt is torqued).

18. Tighten steering stem bolt to OEM specifications.

19. Tighten upper fork tube pinch bolts to OEM specifications. Be sure to make sure the fork tubes are the same height in the clamps.

20. Install the handlebars in the mounts. The top bar mount pinch bolts have an arrow indicating direction of mount (arrow must point forward towards front fender). Tighten bar mount bolts (Torque at a later step).

21. With the handlebars installed into the bar mounts now you can torque the bar mount lower nut to OEM specifications.

22. Torque handlebars to OEM specifications after adjusting bars in desired riding position.

23. Re-install front fender to new lower clamp, torque to OEM specifications.

24. Re-install front wheel and torque to OEM specifications.

25. Re-install all bolt-on components to handlebars and check to make sure cable routing is correct and free of binding.

PRO TAPER recommends after first ride that you check all torque settings on all fasteners.

Check out this informative VIDEO that Transworld Motocross put together on how to install PRO TAPER Triple Clamps:

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