When installing your PRO TAPER chain, it is extremely important to match it with new sprockets. Using a new chain with old sprockets or vice versa will result in extremely premature wear.

It is important to follow your factory issued service manual when installing your new PRO TAPER chain and/or sprockets. This is intended to provide support, should you have any questions after consulting your manual.

When fitting a PRO TAPER X-Ring chain to a motorcycle that was fitted with a non X-Ring chain as original equipment, it is essential to check that there is proper clearance of the engine cases near the countershaft sprocket and any other places of close contact. If the chain does come into contact with any of these surfaces, you should remove the chain immediately and install a narrower non X-Ring chain. Failure to do so could result in damage to the chain and motorcycle and could ultimately cause the chain to fail.

Using a chain that has been stretched more than the OEM suggested maximum allowance is extremely dangerous and could potentially cause severe damage. Also, make sure to keep your chain clean and well lubricated, as lack of either maintenance step could cause premature wear.

One of the most important details when installing a new chain is making sure the master link clip is facing the correct way. If installed incorrectly, the clip could be popped off at any time during use. The clip should be facing the opposite direction of rotation. See our illustration for example.

Check out this informative VIDEO that Transworld Motocross put together on how to install PRO TAPER sprockets and a chain:

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