The first thing to remember when installing PRO TAPER grips is that we strongly recommend you use PRO TAPER grip glue. Using other brands of glue may result in damage to the grips during installation and/or use.

Step 1: Carefully remove your old grips and thoroughly clean the handlebar and throttle tube. This is extremely necessary to create a clean bonding surface for the grips to secure themselves to.

Step 2: If your OEM throttle tube has a small hole in the end, we recommend that you put a small piece of tape over the hole before installing the throttle side grip. This will ensure that there is no way for grip glue to make its way inside the throttle tube and cause it to stick open or closed.

Step 3: Carefully apply PRO TAPER grip glue to the inside of the grip, noting that too much glue could potentially ooze out and cause a mess. Promptly slide the grip in to place, making sure to move quickly as PRO TAPER grip glue is formulated to set very quickly. As you slide the grip on, pull the flange of the grip upwards allowing air to escape. Pockets of air trapped inside can prevent the grip from bonding to the handlebar correctly or even cause the trapped air to burst a hole in the grip. Once the grip is in place, spin it around to make sure the glue is evenly distributed.

Step 4: Once your grips are correctly installed we recommend that you safety wire them in place. 3-4 evenly spaced wraps of wire on each grip will help keep them in place and not break loose prematurely.

Step 5: Now that your PRO TAPER grips are securely mounted and wired, let the glue dry completely per the instructions before riding. Remember to use PRO TAPER Grip Wraps to keep your grips clean during maintenance and between riding sessions.

Check out this informative VIDEO that Transworld Motocross put together on how to install PRO TAPER grips:

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