Pit Bike Clamp Kit

1. Remove front number plate.
2. Remove all bolt-on components from handlebar. i.e. (front brake perch, kill switch, throttle assembly…). Make note of cable routing prior to component removal.
3. Remove handlebar from existing tripleclamp.
4. Loosen and remove steering stem nut and washer.
5. Loosen fork tube clamp bolts on existing tripleclamp.
6. Slide existing tripleclamp off of fork tubes and steeringstem.
7. Install new tripleclamp onto fork tubes and steering stem. Make sure new clamp is installed completely down onto the lower stem bearing nut.
8. Re-install steering stem washer and nut and torque to OEM specifications.
9. Tighten and torque fork tube clamp bolts to OEM specifications.
10. Using the 10mm hex head bolts and flatwashers, install the lower handlebar mounts to the tripleclamp assembly.
11. Position notched lower bar clamps on the notched bushings to desired front to rear position then hand tighten the 10mm hex head bolts.
12. Fit new handlebars into lower bar mounts and install the one piece upper bar mount with four 8mm clamp bolts. Snug bolts to hold handlebar in place. Do Not completely tighten. Make sure gap between lower bar mount and upper bar mount remains the same in front and back.
13. With bar snugged into bar clamps, go back and tighten the 10mm hex head bolts that go through the lower bar mounts to a torque of 400 in/lbs or 33 ft/lbs.
14. Adjust handlebars to desired position then tighten the four 8mm bar clamp bolts to OEM specifications.
15. Re-install all bolt-on components to handlebars to original position. Make sure cable routing is the same OEM specification.
16. Install new grips.
17. Re-install front number plate.
18. GO RIDE!!!

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