Twister Tube

Note – the handlebar insert part number must match the brand and model of handlebars used.

1. Remove the old throttle tube, clean the outside of the handlebar and the inside of the handlebar tube approx. ¾” deep.

2. Apply a light film of grease or oil to the end of the handlebar on the inside of the handlebar tube. This is to lubricate the rubber centering rings on the handlebar insert as it is being pressed into the handlebar.

3. Slide the Twister Throttle Tube on to the handlebar and connect the throttle cable (or cables) as they were on your old throttle tube. You should feel the insert pop into the bar end. DO NOT hammer the throttle tube into the handlebar.

4. Reassemble the throttle housing per your OEM service manual and install a new PRO TAPER grip.

5. Go Ride!

The handlebar insert can be changed or removed by using a 6mm allen wrench inside of the bore of the throttle tube and a 3mm wrench on the button head screw on the outside of the tube against the sealed bearing. This will allow the handlebar insert to be removed from the inside of the throttle tube. If necessary, the handlebar insert can then be replaced by the part number matching the brand and model of bars used.

Lubrication to the outside of the handlebar is not required with this system. Lubricating oils will cause the attraction of dirt into the system.


As with any throttle tube, before each ride, check rotation for any sticking or drag caused by debris or damage from extreme use (crashing, etc.)

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