Micro Grips

Micro Grips are purpose-built for the Micro Handlebar, our latest control innovation for youth riders. They utilize our exclusive 1/3 Waffle pattern, allowing riders to grasp more of the grip’s surface area than possible with half waffle designs. The exclusive mold incorporates an oversized tip to resist crash damage and prevent small hands from slipping off. Sold in pairs.
Note: Micro Grips also fit stock Honda CRF50F and Yamaha PW50 handlebars.

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  • Designed specifically for our Micro Handlebar
  • Also fits stock Honda CRF50F and Yamaha PW50 handlebars
  • Exclusive 1/3 Waffle traction pattern
  • Built-in safety wire grooves for added install security
  • Super-soft rubber compound to reduce vibration and preserve hands
  • Oversized tips to resist crash damage
  • Sold in pairs
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